Dromen aan zee

Special overnight

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Come in

The stairwell is more spacious than you might expect. After a number of turns, the stairs bring you to the first of three floors. This is the bath floor with the striking, circular shower. You arrive at the next floor via a curved hallway. This is the most important living area with a made-to-size bed, a small sitting area and a worktop with all the facilities for a leisurely stay. The surrounding glass makes it possible for you to enjoy the panoramic view — even from your bed. But you want to go to the top! A steep set of stairs brings you to the spot where a lamp the size of a Skippy ball once shone. It’s here, under the original copper dome, that you can take your seat at a table for two. Or, if you prefer, you can step out onto the fenced-in platform surrounding the lantern room.

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Fred en Cecile

“We will never forget lighting up each other lives! Wonderful”

Marcel en Jennifer

“Fantastic! What a unique location with a wonderful view of Harlingen.”

Fred en Cecile

“Enjoy this time together in a lighthouse of love! Wonderful. ”


Still a beacon

The completely restored Lighthouse is once again a beacon — but now for those who want to rise above the common and the ordinary. Every day the lighthouse offers two guests comfortable lodging high above the old trading town, on the borderline between the land and the shallows.
The tower is managed by the lighthouse keeper. She is responsible for welcoming guests and can be contacted by phone if you have any questions. Every morning, she delivers the breakfast basket with fresh and delicious rolls.

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Clippers and cutters

Three hours after low tide on the island of Vlieland, sailing ships start streaming into the harbour (Willemshaven). At least another 15 charter clippers are making their way along the Blauwe Slenk. Over the VHF radio-telephone in the lantern room you can listen to their light-hearted, professional conversations with the harbour authorities. They are requesting a berth. From a south-westerly direction, too, a little cluster of boats is passing through the shallow channel over the ‘Boontjes’; the Kornwerderzand lock has obviously just released a clutch of vessels.